Witches’ Sabbatical | Update Episode

Witches Being Witches | Witches Sabbatical
Witches Being Witches
Witches Being Witches
Witches’ Sabbatical | Update Episode

Witches’ Sabbatical

Our Heartfelt Reflections and Future Visions

Welcome, fellow witches, to a special update episode…

Join us as we both chat candidly about our Witches Being Witches journeys, delving into the evolution of the podcast, our conversations & friendship, and our personal and joint visions for the future. Plus, we offer our heartfelt thanks to you, our cherished community and coven, for your incredible support along the way ♥

In This Episode:

  • Our reflective look at the highs and lows of the past half-year, sharing some insight into our personal and professional experiences
  • Navigating the intricate dynamics between our friendship and business partnership, unveiling the lessons and special moments along the way
  • Tarra’s aspirations and intentions for the upcoming year, both on a personal and professional level
  • Emily shares her vision and goals for the upcoming year, offering insights into personal and career-related goals
  • We end with a special tradition—the final question we pose to each other, mirroring the one asked of every guest on our podcast so far!

Anticipating the next enchanting chapter, we eagerly invite your feedback and continued connection.

Thank you for being here, fellow witches! Your presence, listenership and support cast a powerful spell that keeps our magical journey alive.

With love,
Em & T


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Tarra’s new podcast, StarBeing: https://link.chtbl.com/StarBeing

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Witches Being Witches | Witchest Sabbatical

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