7. The Witch Wound

Witches Being Witches
Witches Being Witches
7. The Witch Wound

In this episode, we attempt to delicately navigate the topics of religion and the patriarchy in our deep dive into the dark history of witches, and how this history has created a wound within the feminine collective.

We offer some practical ways you can reclaim and embody the witch archetype to step back into your full power.

– Our definition of the word ‘witch’

– Why we believe women were so feared throughout history

– Woman as the archetype of a natural healer

– Witch hunts throughout history, and the acts perceived to deem a woman a witch

– The dark consequences of being a perceived witch

– The story of Lilith (Adam’s first wife) and her placement in your birth chart

– The witch wound through the lens of behavioural epigenetics

– How the witch wound is impacting our feminine energy

– The modern mistrust of and amongst women

– How fear is impacting our ability to be powerful creators

– Ways you can reclaim the witch archetype

– Practical embodiment practices to release the witch wound

Plus, we are proud to have created an exclusive Witches Being Witches ‘Which Witch?’ quiz, and five WBW Witch types – we can’t wait to find out which you are! Take the quiz here: https://www.witchesbeingwitches.com/which-witch/.

Book Mentions

‘Witch’ by Lisa Lister

‘Women who Run with Wolves’ by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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