5. Gut Health 101

Witches Being Witches
Witches Being Witches
5. Gut Health 101

In this episode, we discuss gut health from a combined naturopathic and ayurvedic perspective.

Together, Em and Tarra explore:

– The 3 major functions of your gut.

– The science of your microbe composition, its diversity, and its uniqueness.

– The gut-brain connection, and how modern science is only just catching up to alternative healing modalities in recognising its importance.

– How digestive issues can affect not just your gut, but the rest of your body.

– The doshas, or energetic types, in Ayurveda, and how these play into gut health.

– Simple ways to improve your gut health.

– How when you eat impacts the health of your gut and influences our circadian rhythm.

– What could be causing your bloating.

– Their thoughts on intermittent fasting.

– The importance of a daily routine (in Ayurveda, ‘dinacharaya‘), including tongue scraping.

– The impact of mindful eating on digestion.

– How your emotions can impact your ability to digest.

– How you can take some of the burden off your digestive load or fire.

– Rethinking your raw food and cold smoothies.

– Why having a variety of foods in our diet is so important.

– The difference between, probiotics, prebiotics, and what exactly small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is.

– How movement affects digestion, and other ways to reduce your toxicity and digestive load.

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