49. Angel Guidance with Isabelle von Fallois

Angel Guidance with Isabelle von Fallois
Witches Being Witches
Witches Being Witches
49. Angel Guidance with Isabelle von Fallois

Angel Guidance

In this episode, Isabelle von Fallois joins us to discuss angel guidance; the importance of faith and self-belief, and accessing the advice and support of our angels.

Isabelle is an angel therapy practitioner, mystic, medium, pianist, best-selling author, and the founder of ANGEL LIFE COACH + ANGEL HEALING Training.

It is Isabelle’s great desire to open people’s hearts to more light, love and peace, and to show them that anything is possible if we simply trust and have faith.

Towards the end of this episode (at 1:23:34), Isabelle offers an intuitive meditation to embody the energy of Mary Magdelene.

In This Episode:

  • Isabelle’s journey, starting with her first near-death experience as a small child, through to her life-changing visit from Archangel Raphael, and to now working with (and training others in) angel frequencies
  • Isabelle’s thoughts on near-death experiences: what she believes happens, and what they can teach us
  • The daily spiritual practice and rituals Isabelle relies upon to support her self-belief and connection to her angels, including breathwork and kundalini
  • Isabelle’s lineage of courage and clairvoyance, and how both have shaped her mission
  • An important and potent reminder about money, investment, manifestation, and living in alignment
  • Developing faith, receiving support, and practising trust – in this lifetime, and others – and enhancing our clair senses to connect to our angels (including our two guardian angels)
  • Astrology, and how it can support us in transcending thoughts and reclaiming our personal power
  • Isabelle’s thoughts on divine timing, intuition, and the value of time spent
  • Divine feminine energy and female empowerment, the magic in the experience of women living cyclically, and Isabelle’s reminder of how powerful women truly are
  • Isabelle’s reading for us right now, and her insights on the ‘Black Madonna’ energy and the importance of shadow work and embracing the darkness


About Isabelle and her work:

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Facebook: Isabelle von Fallois

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Angel Guidance with Isabelle von Fallois | Episode 49 of Witches Being Witches

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