48. Pluto & Soul Evolution

Pluto & Soul Evolution | Episode 48 of Witches Being Witches
Witches Being Witches
Witches Being Witches
48. Pluto & Soul Evolution

Pluto & Soul Evolution

Traditional Vedic Astrology typically doesn’t look at the influence and role of Pluto on our soul evolution, as the planet wasn’t technically discovered until the 1930s. However, understanding the placements of Pluto in our Vedic (or Sidereal) astrology charts enables an insight into some of our karmic lessons, and therefore the possibilities for soul evolution.

So, in this episode, Tarra shines a light on Pluto, how it might play out in our astrological charts, and how we can ultimately use these insights for the purpose of soul evolution.

In This Episode:

  • A background on Pluto: its discovery and later its re-categorisation (as a dwarf planet), its orbit, and how it’s considered Mars’s higher octave planet
  • The current transits: where Pluto is currently (according to both Western Astrology and Vedic Astrology), what this means from an energetic perspective for the collective, and what we can learn
  • Evolutionary Astrology for personal growth and evolution, and how Tarra is fusing Evolutionary with Vedic to uncover past-life dynamics and soul purpose
  • Tarra’s thoughts on reincarnation, soul evolution and Moksha – how the soul is eternal while the physical body is only temporary on our journey back to Source
  • Pluto and our karmic journey: what it can show about where we left off and what it teaches us about the lessons and challenges we may experience in this lifetime or incarnation
  • Tarra’s personal experience with gaining insight and conscious awareness from her Pluto placement and its themes, lessons and opportunities
  • Working with the placements of Pluto as a tool for deep inner healing and shadow work for transformation and final liberation


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Pluto’s (Vedic) Placements Over the Years

Sep 1932 – Nov 1952: Cancer
Nov 1952 – Oct 1968: Leo
Oct 1968 – Dec 1980: Virgo
Dec 1980 – Dec 1992: Libra
Dec 1992 – Dec 2005: Scorpio
Dec 2005 – Feb 2020: Sagittarius
Feb 2020 – Jan 2040: Capricorn

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Pluto & Soul Evolution | Episode 48 of Witches Being Witches

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