45. Overcoming Perfectionism

Episode 45: Overcoming Perfectionism with Emily
Witches Being Witches
Witches Being Witches
45. Overcoming Perfectionism

Overcoming Perfectionism

Perfectionism can be defined as the tendency to set high, unrelenting standards of and for ourselves, in all areas of our lives. It’s the constant pursuit of ‘perfect’ – a subjective concept and so an unattainable, never-ending pursuit – often leaving us feeling frustrated, anxious, exhausted, burnt out, and with a sense of compromised self-worth.

So, in this episode, Emily (who refers to herself as a ‘recovering perfectionist’) speaks on how we can work to overcome perfectionism – or at least start to work with it to enjoy its gifts, and embrace ourselves as perfectly imperfect.

In This Episode:

  • The origins of perfectionism from a psychological perspective
  • Schemas and the ego, and how both ultimately work to protect us
  • The ‘Unrelenting Standards’ schema (or life trap): its characteristics, origins, and how it so often plays out
  • How perfectionism manifests in the physical body, and how it can impact our health behaviours
  • The gifts and benefits of this schema
  • Adaptive vs. maladaptive perfectionism, and adaptive vs. maladaptive coping strategies
  • Emily’s thoughts on, and practical tools for, overcoming perfectionism and reaching a healthier level of balance

Plus, as always, we start the episode with a life update from the both of us – our wins, challenges and obsessions from the past couple of weeks.


Our Current Obsessions:

Em’s: Australian Bush Flowers ‘Woman Essence
Tarra’s: low-tox living

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Witches Being Witches Episode 45: Overcoming Perfectionism

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