44. Eclipse Magic

Eclipse Magic with Tarra Lee
Witches Being Witches
Witches Being Witches
44. Eclipse Magic

Eclipse Magic: A Vedic Perspective

Eclipses are considered significant celestial events that bring change and transform time. The period between two eclipses is known as the ‘eclipse season’, and it is a sensitive time lasting for about 15 days.
Today’s episode lands mid-eclipse season, between the total solar eclipse on the 20th of April 2023 and the upcoming lunar eclipse later this week (5th/6th of May 2023).
So, in this episode, Tarra speaks on the significance of eclipses, and how to work with their energy and navigate the change and challenges they bring.

In This Episode:

  • The transformational time between two eclipses
  • Why it is recommended to avoid making major decisions or starting new projects during this time
  • How eclipses act as a catalyst for change, shifts, and the unexpected
  • Eclipses as a trigger for important turning points in your life; something ends while something new begins
  • How eclipses can help you to do things you never thought you could
  • The Libra energy of the Lunar Eclipse, and how this may impact the world — and you personally
  • Vedic astrological remedies for the eclipse period

Plus, as always, we start the episode with a life update from both of us – our wins, challenges and obsessions from the past couple of weeks.


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