41. The Science of Sleep

The Science of Sleep
Witches Being Witches
Witches Being Witches
41. The Science of Sleep

We all know that our bodies need sleep – it’s how we repair and restore, and support the huge number of processes our body constantly undergoes to keep us alive and well. So, for this episode, our very own Em talks us through all things restorative sleep, and how to get more of it!

Plus, as always we start the episode with a life update from both of us – our wins, challenges and obsessions from the past couple of weeks (including a special offer for you!).

In this episode:

– The importance and benefits of quality, restorative sleep

– How much sleep we really need

– Our sleep cycles: the major phases (REM and non-REM sleep), and the stages of each

– The role our brain plays in sleep

– Neurotransmitters and homeostasis for sleep

– Why Em doesn’t always recommend taking melatonin supplements for sleep

– Insomnia (aka disturbed sleep), and its three types: delayed sleep onset, frequent nighttime waking, and early morning arousal

– The many causes of insomnia or sleep disruption: physical, environmental, mental, emotional and spiritual

– The Traditional Chinese Medicine organ clock, and what it can tell us about sleep and waking during the night

– The importance of a holistic approach when it comes to managing sleep issues – starting with identifying and addressing the root cause

– How beneficial proper evening wind-down and bedtime routines are for sleep hygiene, and some simple tips to get started with yours

– The role of the circadian rhythm when it comes to sleep, and how best to support it

– Nervous system regulation as a key to better, more restorative sleep

– How to enhance our inhibitory neurotransmitters to help us prepare for rest and to help us produce melatonin (our sleep hormone)

– Em’s favourite nutrients and herbs for sleep

– Louise Hay’s affirmation for peaceful sleep

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More reading:
‘You Can Heal Your Life’, by Louise Hay

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