39. Self-Sabotage

Witches Being Witches Episode 39: Self-Sabotage
Witches Being Witches
Witches Being Witches
39. Self-Sabotage

With the excitement of 2023, we have been creating intentions and visions for the year ahead. But how can we build awareness around whether or not we are holding ourselves back? In this episode, we explore self-sabotage: which can be defined as a disconnect between your values and your behaviour.

Plus, we kick off the episode with a life update. Em has finally finished her Saturn return! Hear about how Em navigated this time filled with blessings and profound challenges, and the wisdom she has emerged with.

In this episode:

– How you can use your close relationships to build accountability for your goals

– Creating space for your goal setting

– Creating rituals in your life to check in with your visions regularly

– How perfectionism can hold you back from reaching your goals

– Why it is important to have a clear vision of your life

– Life scripts, and how they can help anchor your dream life

– The collective uncertainty of the last couple of years, and how this could be holding you back

– Focusing on the feeling, and not the outcome, when setting a goal

– The importance of revisiting our goals, and letting go of goals that are no longer in alignment

– Defining what safety and security feel and look like to you, and how to start incorporating more of each into your life

– The roles shame, judgement, and joy can play in self-sabotage

– How dopamine deficiency plays a role in some nervous and mental health conditions, and in self-sabotage and procrastination

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Tarra’s: Kinesiology with Rachel

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