37. Inner and Outer Beauty Rituals

Inner and outer beauty rituals with Emily
Witches Being Witches
Witches Being Witches
37. Inner and Outer Beauty Rituals

Beauty is all around us. And becoming aware of the beauty in the world allows us to open more space for the beauty that inherently exists within us – our inner beauty – to flourish. So, for this episode, our very own skin witch Em talks us through some beautiful, witchy rituals for inner and outer beauty, plus shares her top tips for healthy skin and an inside-out glow.

And don’t miss a special guided meditation towards the end

Plus, we start the episode with a cosmic update and life update from both of us.

In this episode:

– Beauty ideals, how beauty is commercialised and marketed to us, and what inner beauty really is

– A reminder of the importance of mindfulness

– Implementing ritual as a witchy, feminine embodiment practice

– The history of beauty rituals, including Navajo ‘The Beauty Way’ and Japanese wabi-sabi

– Choosing and setting up your inner beauty ritual space

– The importance of gratitude when it comes to inner beauty rituals

– All of the aspects of health, wellness and living that Em takes into account when analysing skin health from a naturopathic perspective

– How our skin, as our largest organ, communicates with us

– The emotional and mental blocks, beliefs and patterns underlying skin issues

– How understanding what our skin is telling us is important when mindfully, purposefully establishing a beauty ritual

– Em’s favourite morning inner beauty ritual for the heart

– Em’s nighttime inner beauty ritual

– Colour therapy for inner (and outer) beauty, and skin health

– A guided skin meditation

More reading:
‘The Secret Language of Your Body’ by Inna Segal

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