35. Feminine and Masculine Polarity

Witches Being Witches
Witches Being Witches
35. Feminine and Masculine Polarity

In this episode, we talk about feminine and masculine polarity; a hot topic right now, and one we believe to be incredibly potent when it comes to self-empowerment. Understanding polarity in relationships not only enhances our relationship with those around us, and particularly our significant other, but also our relationship with self, ultimately.

Exploring polarity can ultimately serve as another incredible self-exploration and self-mastery tool.

Plus, we kick off the episode with a cosmic update (hello, full lunar eclipse!) and life updates from both of us.

In this episode:

– How polarity can be defined, and why opposites attract

– Why looking at feminine and masculine from an energy perspective goes far deeper than gender; ultimately, because we all possess both

– Characteristics of the wounded feminine and the wounded masculine

– How polarity, and the wounded feminine and masculine, are playing out in the world right now, and why we believe this to be the case

– The Witch Wound, and historical and generational trauma – and societal expectations – around feminine and masculine

– Characteristics of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

– Divine pairing of feminine and masculine

– Polarity in relationships, and the importance of balance and flux

– How to increase feminine energy; characteristics to embody, and how to go about exploring them

– Increasing masculine energy, and ways to explore embodying more masculine characteristics

– Looking at how expressions of both feminine and masculine energetics play out in health and in the body

– Polarity as a Law of the Universe, and its capacity to support manifestation

– The empowerment and healing that can come from exploring polarity in all of our relationships – including the one with ourself

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