34. Shadow Work with Danielle Massi

Witches Being Witches
Witches Being Witches
34. Shadow Work with Danielle Massi

Danielle Massi is a master shadow work practitioner, best-selling author, and motivational speaker. She believes that shadow work is the most healing modality in existence.

We are thrilled to bring you this empowering conversation with Danielle, The Shadow Queen, for a fusion of science and spirit. Danielle opens up about her incredible story and journey, and gives us permission to embrace ourselves fully.

In this conversation with Danielle:

– The story of Danielle’s journey from shamed witchy child to psychotherapist, to cancer fighter and Shadow Queen

– How Danielle defines ‘shadow work’

– The difference between the unconscious and subconscious minds, and how both play into shadow work and healing

– Accessing the unconscious mind, regulating the nervous system, and utilising breath as medicine

– Getting started with shadow work through journaling

– How and why our ‘shadow sides’ come about, and whether these aspects of ourselves are inherently “evil” or “dark”

– Integrating instead of suppressing the shadow, and not denying our authentic selves for the sake of “love and light”

– How moving away from the ‘shiny’ and ‘perfect’ on social media is starting to lift the mask of the collective shadow, and encouraging us to show up more authentically

– The process of shadow work: the steps on how to actually ‘do’ the work

– The value in talking to, and befriending, your shadow

– Shadow work and past life regression, and alchemising wounds

– Overcoming triggers, and how to know whether shadow work is working

– Shadow work as a process (because healing is not linear), and overcoming each of the “new levels, new devils” layers by getting to the root cause

– Whether we can complete or perfect “the work”, and whether perfection really should be a goal anyway

– Dark nights of the soul, and Danielle’s thoughts on whether everyone experiences one (or multiple!)

– Danielle’s thoughts on near-death experiences and life’s trajectories

– Shadow work as a tool for manifestation, and the importance of shedding “energetic weight”

Work With Danielle:
+ Danielle’s books: newly-released ‘Shadow Work: Face Hidden Fears, Heal Trauma, Awaken Your Dream Life‘, and ‘The Shadow Seeker’s Journal

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