33. Menstrual Health

Witches Being Witches
Witches Being Witches
33. Menstrual Health

For this episode, our very own Emily unpacks all things menstrual health. On average, an Australian menstruating woman will have 450-500 periods in her life – the equivalent of 10 years’ worth of bleeding. So why do we receive such little education around the topic of menstrual health?!

Plus, we start the episode with a cosmic update and life update from both of us (and, yep, Em’s still in America!).

In this episode:

– What exactly a menstrual cycle is: how long it should ideally be, how it gives us an insight into our health, and its phases

– The different hormones and their roles throughout the menstrual cycle

– How you can still tune into the phases of the female cycle if you’re not currently experiencing a menstrual cycle

– What an ideal, healthy period looks like

– Why it’s important to track our periods – and full cycles – and what we should be looking out for

– What is and is not normal when it comes to our periods, and why

– Why we are so passionate about ending the generational normalisation of period pain

– PMS, or premenstrual syndrome, and what to look out for. Plus, why we may experience it in the first place

– Early and late periods, and how and why they come about

– How much we should ideally bleed each period, and how heavy and light periods come about

– Amenorrhoea: the absence of periods – and why they might go missing

– Post-pill syndrome

– How and why hormonal acne comes about

– Perimenopause and menopause, common symptoms of menopause, and how to support health during menopausal years

– How naturopathy can help to support menstrual health

– Em’s favourite tips for general hormonal and menstrual health

– Why it’s important to work with professionally-prescribed, practitioner-only supplements

More reading:
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‘The Period Repair Manual’ and ‘The Fifth Vital Sign’ by Dr Lara Briden 
Kindara fertility tracking app
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