31. Nurturing the Nervous System

Witches Being Witches
Witches Being Witches
31. Nurturing the Nervous System

In this episode, we talk about how to regulate and support the nervous system – from a scientific and spiritual perspective – and why doing so is such an important part of your self-love, and self-care and healing journey.

The nervous system affects all parts related to your health: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The nervous system governs how you respond when you are emotional, your ability to move the way you want, your memory and your thought processes, and even the ageing process. Let’s unpack it together!

Plus, we kick off the episode with a cosmic update and life update from both of us.

In this episode:

– What the nervous system is responsible for, what it is made up of, and what it controls

– The different types of nervous systems, and the importance of each

– The conditions related to an out-of-balance nervous system

– An Ayurvedic perspective on the nervous system

– The bidirectional gut-brain axis

– The role and different types of stress, and when stress can become problematic

– What happens when your cortisol levels are consistently elevated

– Manifestation and the nervous system

– Protocols to soothe the nervous system, from both a naturopathic and ayurvedic lens

– Some of the most common nutritional deficiencies, and why these impact our nervous system

– Our favourite herbs to support the nervous system

– Supportive lifestyle hacks and habits to regulate your nervous system

– The best types of movement for when your nervous system is imbalanced, and why

– Our favourite ways to restore and nourish the nervous system

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