30. Sexual Empowerment & Healing with Juliet Allen

Witches Being Witches
Witches Being Witches
30. Sexual Empowerment & Healing with Juliet Allen

Juliet Allen is a leading global sexologist, sexuality coach and tantra practitioner, and founder of Pleasure School®. Her mission is to connect you to your true sexual essence and passion potential.

We are beyond honoured to bring you this authentic, magical conversation around sex, and both empowering and healing yourself sexually.

In this conversation with Juliet:

– The story of Juliet’s own journey to sacred sexuality, sexual empowerment, and sexology (including her Saturn Return)

– The essence of sexual empowerment, and how to define what being a sexually empowered woman really is

– The history and conditioning surrounding women being demonised and shamed for expressing their sexuality, and how Juliet liberates her clients

– How we can be impacted, and ultimately empowered, by initiation as women

– Why our sexual health is such an important key aspect of our overall healing journey, and how we can check in on our sexual vitality

– Juliet’s thoughts on why sex is such a taboo topic

– The power of our sexual energy as women

– Sex magic, and how Juliet has used it as a potent, intentional manifestation tool in her own life

– Self-pleasure as a self-care ritual, and how Yinn Body came about

– Libido and attraction as markers of both practical health and spiritual/emotional wellness, and why Juliet refers low libido clients to a naturopath (hello, Em!)

– Why safety is essential for healthy sex and self-pleasure

– Sex as a healing modality; how sex can be therapeutic, and sex as bodywork

– Involving a partner in healing, magical sexual practices

– How and why Juliet combines tantra and sexology for a holistic approach, and Juliet’s definition of tantric sex

– Masculine and feminine approaches to sex, and the sexual poles within male and female bodies

– Communicating our sexual needs to a partner

– Yoni and womb healing, and Juliet’s thoughts on yoni eggs

– Juliet’s top tips for more magical, empowering sex

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