28. Navigating Karma and Destiny

Witches Being Witches
Witches Being Witches
28. Navigating Karma and Destiny

Karma is a Sanskrit word which means “action” or “work.”

Karma is attached to the idea of reincarnation – the ongoing cycle of birth and death, conditioned by karma, linking an individual to past and future existences. In reincarnation, your spirit or soul survives death and is reborn into a new body.

In this episode:

– Vedic astrology as the science of Karma

– How your current actions can be affecting your future

– The idea of cause of effect – all actions have a corresponding reaction.

– How your birth chart shows your Karma and how you can understand, navigate, and mitigate challenging times

– The deeper purpose of Karma

– The 3 different types of Karma and which ones you can and can’t change/control

– How you can identify your Karma and Karmic relationships

– Tools and modalities you can use in your life to clear your Karmic debt and release soul contracts

– The chakras and the importance of clearing any blocks

– How Karma can connect you to the bigger picture of your life

How you can work with Tarra



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