26. Soul-Led Sobriety with Lucy Quick

Witches Being Witches
Witches Being Witches
26. Soul-Led Sobriety with Lucy Quick

Lucy Quick is a life and sobriety coach, committed to empowering women through examining their relationships with alcohol and overdrinking. Lucy is the co-founder of Thrivalist Sobriety, and dedicates her days to helping sober-curious women all around the world build deep and loving connections with themselves.

This eye-opening, judgment-free episode really prompted us to reflect on our own relationships with alcohol, conscious consumption, and reminded us of the power of self-awareness.

We spoke with Lucy about:

– The Thrivalist Sobriety story, and Lucy’s own journey to sobriety

– How Lucy came to realise that her relationship with alcohol consumption was unhealthy

– Self-worth, and how sobriety can support the progression from self-loathing to self-love

– Alcohol consumption and escapism – how and why humans like to avoid difficult emotions, and how alcohol impacts the brain to temporarily ‘numb’ us

– The tools Lucy used to create new healthy habits, reset her dopamine reward system, and navigate cravings and triggers

– The benefits of sobriety for mental health, how alcohol works as a depressant, and Lucy’s own personal experience

– Why Lucy feels it’s important not to shame ‘normal’ alcohol drinkers

– How it is possible to rewire our brains around drinking habits

– Getting clear on your ‘why’, and tapping into your soul purpose

– Why feelings work so potently as motivators

– Lucy’s thoughts on the sobriety movement and on drinking culture

– Why nervous system regulation is so important for a healthy relationship with alcohol

Mentioned in the episode:

‘Sober Curious’, by Ruby Warrington: http://www.rubywarrington.com/books/sober-curious/

How to work with Lucy + Thrivalist:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thrivalistsobriety


The Thrivalist Signature Sobriety Course: https://www.thrivalistsobriety.com/signature-sobriety-course/

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