22. Empowered Dating & Feminine Magnetism with Alina Rose

Witches Being Witches
Witches Being Witches
22. Empowered Dating & Feminine Magnetism with Alina Rose

Alina is a cognitive coach and sensuality mentor, dedicated to helping her clients to attract and sustain their ideal relationships by stepping fully into their feminine and trusting their intuition.

This juicy episode is full of Alina’s practical, empowering advice. And we get surprisingly witchy, too!

In this episode, we cover:

– Alina’s ‘quest of the self’ – navigating relationships and soul connections, challenging social conditioning, and, ultimately, becoming a relationship coach herself

– How relationships impact our lives: from dating to relationship with self

– Dating intuitively: embracing what feels pleasurable and organic to our unique selves, blocking out the advice that doesn’t sit well, and giving yourself the permission to fully own your experience

– Why an abundance mindset is crucial when dating

– How our blueprint – and living in alignment – becomes a magnet for powerful, fulfilling relationships

– Why you should “never let them become your supply” – filling your own cup first, and becoming our own “source” through witchy, empowering self-care rituals

– Navigating dating with anxiety: why you want to find connections that feel like calm sunsets instead of rock concerts, and the importance of both vulnerability and self-validation

– The gift of our connection to our inner witch, our oracle, our magic, the moon, and the journey of life

– Alina’s refreshing definition of the ‘divine feminine’, as well as her take on experiencing dating while embodying, embracing and honouring our feminine

– Sexual magnetism and feeling desired, and how the onus ultimately falls on us to fill our own cup and self-validate

– Alina’s “Do Less” mantra

– Attracting the “right” partner, and Alina’s take on ‘the one’

– Navigating and coping with rejection or heartbreak, the stories we tell ourselves, and what we can learn

– The 3-month window when dating

– Alina’s thoughts on ghosting, and why it’s almost never about you

– Aligning with divine timing and what it is we truly desire

– How to know when you’re truly ready to receive a loving relationship, and why you haven’t met them yet

– How to devote yourself to the masculine energy of the Universe, and why this is so magnetic

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