2. Crystal Healing for Women

Crystal Healing with Mariah K Lyons
Witches Being Witches
Witches Being Witches
2. Crystal Healing for Women

Growing up in the mountains in Utah instilled Mariah K Lyons with a deep understanding of the human body’s intimate relationship with the Earth.

Having healed herself from several debilitating autoimmune illnesses following her professional dance career, using her knowledge of grounding Earth medicine and her own intuition, her mission now is to assist others in finding balance and wholeness through her teachings, appearances and grounding footwear line ASTARA.

In this insightful interview, Mariah:

– Speaks to the science of crystals referencing Nicola Tesla’s work, radio frequencies and how crystals are used in our modern world as conductors and absorbers of energy.

– Describes the crystalline energy as a frequency and energy that we can attune to, just like music and colours. Crystals have higher and lower frequencies, correlating to the chakras.

– Touches on how we can use crystals as tools and wisdom keepers to activate our cellular healing and soul realignment.

– Discusses with Tarra and Emily why just now, collectively, crystals are becoming more mainstream and accepted, due to the current timeline of our reality.  

– Explains how she connects and works with the crystalline energy as a subtle and conscious process.

– Details why intention is so important when working with the crystalline energy, and how to imprint and work with it.

– Speaks to the crystalline energy she is currently working with, with Kunzite, Emerald, Clear Quartz and Amethyst, and how these are great stones collectively to work with to remedy deep shifts.

– Expands on how to choose your crystals and the process, and how to intuitively tune into the energy.

– Discusses Moldavite – the crystal currently trending on TikTok – and how the stone can bring up shadow wounds that we might not be ready to process.

– Uncovers why crystals can break, and the meaning, lesson and opportunity behind it.

– Chats to Tarra and Emily about crystals in the bedroom, and what to be mindful of.

– Explains what to do with crystals when we have finished working with them.

Mariah is about to commence her Accredited Crystal Healing Course and has offered out listeners 15% off when you enter the code: CRYSTALCOLLECTIVE at checkout.





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