19. Wealth Romance

Witches Being Witches
Witches Being Witches
19. Wealth Romance

Jenna Black is a wealth coach, energy healer and soul activator. Jenna has a modern spiritual take on wealth and abundance.

Her mission is to help women to remember their divine power, claim their identity as a Money Queen™, and expand their empire with higher wealth and deeper purpose.

In this episode, we chat about:

– Jenna’s Saturn Return, and how this experience was key in her journey of remembering her soul and psychic intuitive abilities.

– The term ‘wealth romance’, and how Jenna sees money as holding the frequency of love energetically.

– How important it is to cultivate a relationship with both money and the divine.

– Why a mindset-only approach around money is limiting, and the importance of creating safety in the physical body so that we may receive, expand, and be led by intuition.

– Remembering that we are each inherently abundant.

– How Jenna rewrote her money story of scarcity, her unlearning process, and the body work practices that she has utilised during this process and beyond.

– The potency of healing your money story.

– Creating a wealthy woman legacy – the power and freedom of circulating your money.

– How you can expand your money edges, and how you can invest from the soul.

– Jenna’s advice for soul-based businesses around receiving, and the importance of honouring your gifts.

– The masculine energy structures that Jenna put in place to support her journey.

How to work with Jenna:

Money Queen™ (next live round starts March 7th 2022) https://jennablack.co/moneyqueen

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jennablack.co/

Website: https://jennablack.co/

How to work with Tarra and Emily:

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