18. Casting Spells with Words

Witches Being Witches
Witches Being Witches
18. Casting Spells with Words

In this episode, Em and Tarra have a deep conversation about the power of the words we use, and how to use affirmations as a modern-day witchcraft practice.

We’re mixing up the format of the podcast a little bit this year, and so we kickstart this episode with a cosmic and life update for our fellow witches!

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In this episode:

– Cosmic Update: how to work with the humanitarian, visionary Aquarius energy this month, as well as how to master this month’s powerful Leo full moon

– Life Update: what Em & Tarra have been up to this past few weeks, the challenges they’ve experienced, the support they’re getting, and the witchy energies they’re working with right now

– The power and potency of words, and using words “to bless, to heal, or to prosper”

– How we started our journeys with using affirmations as a powerful healing and self-development tool, with Louise Hay as a huge influencer

– The importance of believing in your words; affirming and consciously creating your reality

– The power of mirror work

– The energetics and frequency of words, and how these play into our ability to manifest

– Using “I am” statements to self-empower and become clear on what it is you truly want

– The neuroscience behind affirmations

– Our internal dialogue, and the impacts of the way we speak to ourselves

– The formula for spell-casting, and how we can mindfully combine words with action to cast spells

– The affirmations that we’re working with right now

– Reframing limiting beliefs, and becoming aware of how we might be – consciously or subconsciously – accidentally affirming them in our day-to-day lives

– The challenge we’ve set for our fellow witches to work with affirmations!


You Can Heal Your Life‘, ‘Mirror Work‘ – Louise Hay

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