16. Sacred Spaces

Witches Being Witches
Witches Being Witches
16. Sacred Spaces

Meghan is a creative space artist and consultant, who believes that our internal reality is reflected in our external space. She empowers her clients to create, activate, and clear out their spaces, infusing principles of Feng Shui and intuition.

Based in LA, and working with clients all over the world, Meghan’s approach is modern, inspiring, and yet practical.

We covered in this episode:

– How Meghan’s work has evolved beyond typical Feng Shui

– The exploration of personal development, play and experiment within her work to remove the physical blockages which ultimately transcend into the energetic

– The importance of your line of sight and order within your home

– How you can set up and work with your spaces generally

– The importance of clearing space to create clarity within in your life

– What the physical items on your floor and messy chaos really means

– Questioning what is taking up your space, and discerning whether it is taking away from your present moment

– The importance of how each room makes us feel, and how you practically move through our spaces

– The front door of your home and its importance

– How to call-in love by creating a consciously welcoming and safe space

– How this work can act as a cosmic fast-forward by removing physical barriers

– Initiating dialogue with the home to work with its energy.

How to work with Meghan:


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