15. Solstice & Year in Review

Witches Being Witches
Witches Being Witches
15. Solstice & Year in Review

In this episode, we hope to inspire you to pause and reflect as the Year comes to a close, and as we celebrate Solstice.

Together, Em and Tarra explore:

– The celebration, acknowledgement, and importance of Solstice

– How to work with the Solstice energy, whether you’re in the Southern Hemisphere or Northern Hemisphere

– Reflecting personally on our own years; our biggest shifts, challenges, and lessons

– Em’s Saturn Return, and how she stepped into her power after so much change and realignment

– Tarra’s lessons around success and love

– Em and Tarra’s biggest values, and intentions for 2022

– What Em & Tarra are wanting to create in the year ahead

– What to expect from 2022 from a Vedic astrology perspective

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