14.Quantum Healing & Rose Essences

Witches Being Witches
Witches Being Witches
14.Quantum Healing & Rose Essences

Francesca is a spiritual healer who utilises the modalities of counselling, vibrational medicine, and shamanic and quantum energy healing. She is also the founder of The Rose Essences – a range of vibrational remedies assisting in the soul’s ascension process.

Francesca believes healing requires looking at the whole person; including the emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical aspects.

This was a very special interview for us, both having worked personally with Francesca – she has been a huge inspiration for Witches Being Witches!
In this episode, we touch on many concepts: from ancient mystery schools to astral travel from the Akashic records, Nicholas Tesla and frequency to psychic protection.

Also covered in this episode:

– Francesca’s initiation into shamanism at the age of eight

– The pivotal role nature has played in Francesca’s journey

– How past lives unlock deep wisdom and soul origins

– The responsibility that we have to our ancestors and guides

– The divine way that Tarra met Francesca, and the Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

– Sacred knowledge, and the art and mastery of unlocking it

– The union of spirituality and science

– The importance of support and guidance on a spiritual and healing path

– Distractions and the disconnection from the soul, and the importance of nothingness

– Alchemising the darkness and challenges in your life

– How to cultivate and trust your intuition

– The concept of false light and protection techniques against darker entities and energies

– Why healers need healers – removing the sigma

– The Rose Essences healing frequency, and how these remedies support Francesca’s work

How to work with Francesca:


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