10. Money Magnetism & Bold Ambition

Witches Being Witches
Witches Being Witches
10. Money Magnetism & Bold Ambition

Chiara is a high-level mentor & women’s empowerment coach, creating life-altering personal, romantic and financial independence, through her rebellious, bold standard. Chiara believes a woman who is empowered to step into the biggest, brightest, and boldest version of herself is completely unstoppable.

In this episode, Chiara talks to us about how to bring your purpose into the light and see its impact reflected in your bank account. And from that place of financial freedom, what it looks like to build the life of your dreams, piece by piece.

Also covered in this episode:

– The catalyst that led Chiara on a journey of reinvention and personal empowerment at age 17.

– How Chiara has the courage to fully live and embrace her authenticity. 

– Why you shouldn’t fear your bigness.

– Ambition in women, and redefining hustle culture.

– Living a life of extravagance, beauty, comfort and one of impact.

– The self-mastery required to be a successful woman – how to maintain your ambition throughout your cycle. 

– Navigating and playing the masculine and feminine energy within relationships. 

– Chiara’s definition and markers of success, and how she is changing the rules.

– Money as a ‘results metric’, and the ‘6 figures’ rhetoric.

– How Chiara’s journey to rock bottom was a gift to reset her money mindset.

– Rewriting your financial and energetic blueprint to create a healthy relationship with money and become a magnet for wealth. 

– The key practices Chiara uses to calibrate wealth and abundance. 

– How to cultivate vibrancy and magnetism.  

Bonus book recommendation: 

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth’ – T Harv Eker

How you can work with Chiara:

Join Chiara’s free upcoming ‘The Rebel She’ masterclass: https://rebels.boldself.com/the-rebel-she-masterclass 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/boldself/

Website: https://boldself.com/ 

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