1. Menstrual and Moon Cycles

Witches Being Witches
Witches Being Witches
1. Menstrual and Moon Cycles

In this episode we discuss how you can consciously connect back to your body, the earth, and the cosmos by harnessing the power of both the moon phases and your menstrual cycle.

– How the ancients viewed their menstrual cycle and how this has changed to be a taboo topic in modern society, and why we believe this has been disempowering.

– How we can lean into our menstrual/hormonal and moon cycles, by embracing the 4 distinct phases.

– The science behind the impact of the moon on our mind, body, and soul.

– How to honour and work with each of these phases, from a self-care, energy level, fitness, and diet perspective to create a life of ease.

– What happens when we go against our natural rhythms of energy and the impact this has on our body and productivity levels.

– The two most typical cycles – the Red Moon and White Moon – the difference between the two, and how to work with each of these cycles.

– How we can use our menstrual phase as a report card for health.

– Why and how to start tracking your menstrual cycle alongside the moon cycle.

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