Witches’ Sabbatical | Update Episode

Witches’ Sabbatical Our Heartfelt Reflections and Future Visions Welcome, fellow witches, to a special update episode… Join us as we both chat candidly about our Witches Being Witches journeys, delving into the evolution of the podcast, our conversations & friendship, and our personal and joint visions for the future. Plus, we offer our heartfelt thanks… Continue reading Witches’ Sabbatical | Update Episode

49. Angel Guidance with Isabelle von Fallois

Angel Guidance In this episode, Isabelle von Fallois joins us to discuss angel guidance; the importance of faith and self-belief, and accessing the advice and support of our angels. Isabelle is an angel therapy practitioner, mystic, medium, pianist, best-selling author, and the founder of ANGEL LIFE COACH + ANGEL HEALING Training. It is Isabelle’s great desire… Continue reading 49. Angel Guidance with Isabelle von Fallois

48. Pluto & Soul Evolution

Pluto & Soul Evolution Traditional Vedic Astrology typically doesn’t look at the influence and role of Pluto on our soul evolution, as the planet wasn’t technically discovered until the 1930s. However, understanding the placements of Pluto in our Vedic (or Sidereal) astrology charts enables an insight into some of our karmic lessons, and therefore the… Continue reading 48. Pluto & Soul Evolution

47. Celebration & Reflection | Solstice & 2 Years

Celebration & Reflection | Solstice & 2 Years of Witches Being Witches In this episode, we celebrate and reflect on the eve of Solstice (Winter Solstice here in Australia) and Witches Being Witches’ 2nd Birthday! Together, we celebrate all that we’ve achieved as individuals this year so far, and as a podcast over these past… Continue reading 47. Celebration & Reflection | Solstice & 2 Years

46. Unlocking the Secret Language of Your Body with Inna Segal

Unlocking the Secret Language of Your Body In this episode, we are joined by Inna Segal to discuss unlocking the secret language of our bodies. Inna is an internationally recognised healer, teacher, professional speaker, author, and pioneer in the field of energy medicine and human consciousness. By intuitive means, she can ‘see’ illness and blocks… Continue reading 46. Unlocking the Secret Language of Your Body with Inna Segal

45. Overcoming Perfectionism

Overcoming Perfectionism Perfectionism can be defined as the tendency to set high, unrelenting standards of and for ourselves, in all areas of our lives. It’s the constant pursuit of ‘perfect’ – a subjective concept and so an unattainable, never-ending pursuit – often leaving us feeling frustrated, anxious, exhausted, burnt out, and with a sense of… Continue reading 45. Overcoming Perfectionism

44. Eclipse Magic

Eclipse Magic: A Vedic Perspective Eclipses are considered significant celestial events that bring change and transform time. The period between two eclipses is known as the ‘eclipse season’, and it is a sensitive time lasting for about 15 days.Today’s episode lands mid-eclipse season, between the total solar eclipse on the 20th of April 2023 and… Continue reading 44. Eclipse Magic

43. Cultivating Intuition

Cultivating Intuition Gut feeling, instinct, a sixth sense, an inner knowing… whatever you prefer to label it, we all have an innate form of conscious knowledge available to all of us: our intuition.Intuition refers to our ability for knowledge and understanding without conscious reasoning or logical analysis, often described as arising from our soul or… Continue reading 43. Cultivating Intuition

42. Botox & the Dark Side of Beauty with Gretch Elizabeth

Gretch Elizabeth is a natural researcher, former high school teacher, beauty industry educator, and the founder of Never Tox. Never Tox is an online community of over 25,000 people that offers education about Botox and supports those experiencing side effects. While Botox – also known as Botulinum Toxin – is a known neurotoxin (and “one… Continue reading 42. Botox & the Dark Side of Beauty with Gretch Elizabeth