Welcome to Witches Being Witches with spiritual besties Tarra and Emily, chatting all things stars, skin, science, sex and self-love.

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This podcast is dedicated to the woman who is ready to reclaim her power, who dares to take up space and express herself fully. A witch is a woman who embraces nature and its cycles, and who knows she is magic.

Welcome, fellow witch. We are so happy you are here x

Ayurvedic Consultant, Cosmic Witch and Vedic Astrologer 💫
Qualified Naturopath, Holistic Skin Witch and Founder of natural skin & lifestyle brand @thepuristcollection ðŸŒ¿
  • 42. Botox & the Dark Side of Beauty with Gretch Elizabeth
    Gretch Elizabeth is a natural researcher, former high school teacher, beauty industry educator, and the founder of Never Tox. Never Tox is an online community of over 25,000 people that offers education about Botox and supports those experiencing side effects. While Botox – also known as Botulinum Toxin – is a known neurotoxin (and “one… Continue reading 42. Botox & the Dark Side of Beauty with Gretch Elizabeth
  • 41. The Science of Sleep
    We all know that our bodies need sleep – it’s how we repair and restore, and support the huge number of processes our body constantly undergoes to keep us alive and well. So, for this episode, our very own Em talks us through all things restorative sleep, and how to get more of it! Plus,… Continue reading 41. The Science of Sleep
  • 40. A Guide to the Chakras
    Chakra means ‘wheel’ in Sanskrit, and there are seven chakras — the wheels of energy or vibrating light — in your astral body. The chakras and planets in astrology have a significant relationship: one of the seven planets (Vedic) rules each chakra, and every chakra displays the nature of its ruling planet. For Episode 40,… Continue reading 40. A Guide to the Chakras
  • 39. Self-Sabotage
    With the excitement of 2023, we have been creating intentions and visions for the year ahead. But how can we build awareness around whether or not we are holding ourselves back? In this episode, we explore self-sabotage: which can be defined as a disconnect between your values and your behaviour. Plus, we kick off the… Continue reading 39. Self-Sabotage

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