Welcome to Witches Being Witches with spiritual besties Tarra and Emily, chatting all things stars, skin, science, sex and self-love.

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This podcast is dedicated to the woman who is ready to reclaim her power, who dares to take up space and express herself fully. A witch is a woman who embraces nature and its cycles, and who knows she is magic.

Welcome, fellow witch. We are so happy you are here x

Ayurvedic Consultant, Cosmic Witch and Vedic Astrologer 💫
Qualified Naturopath, Holistic Skin Witch and Founder of natural skin & lifestyle brand @thepuristcollection 🌿
  • 36. Laws of the Universe
    When we understand the way the universe works and operates, we open ourselves to conspiring with the divine, to align to our highest path and purpose. The Spiritual Laws of the Universe each teach us something about well-being, happiness, and success.  Every time we are not in line with the universal laws, resistance builds up… Continue reading 36. Laws of the Universe
  • 35. Feminine and Masculine Polarity
    In this episode, we talk about feminine and masculine polarity; a hot topic right now, and one we believe to be incredibly potent when it comes to self-empowerment. Understanding polarity in relationships not only enhances our relationship with those around us, and particularly our significant other, but also our relationship with self, ultimately. Exploring polarity… Continue reading 35. Feminine and Masculine Polarity
  • 34. Shadow Work with Danielle Massi
    Danielle Massi is a master shadow work practitioner, best-selling author, and motivational speaker. She believes that shadow work is the most healing modality in existence. We are thrilled to bring you this empowering conversation with Danielle, The Shadow Queen, for a fusion of science and spirit. Danielle opens up about her incredible story and journey,… Continue reading 34. Shadow Work with Danielle Massi
  • 33. Menstrual Health
    For this episode, our very own Emily unpacks all things menstrual health. On average, an Australian menstruating woman will have 450-500 periods in her life – the equivalent of 10 years’ worth of bleeding. So why do we receive such little education around the topic of menstrual health?! Plus, we start the episode with a… Continue reading 33. Menstrual Health

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