Welcome to Witches Being Witches with spiritual besties Tarra and Emily, chatting all things stars, skin, science, sex and self-love.

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This podcast is dedicated to the woman who is ready to reclaim her power, who dares to take up space and express herself fully. A witch is a woman who embraces nature and its cycles, and who knows she is magic.

Welcome, fellow witch. We are so happy you are here x

Ayurvedic Consultant, Cosmic Witch and Vedic Astrologer 💫
Qualified Naturopath, Holistic Skin Witch and Founder of natural skin & lifestyle brand @thepuristcollection ðŸŒ¿
  • Witches’ Sabbatical | Update Episode
    Witches’ Sabbatical Our Heartfelt Reflections and Future Visions Welcome, fellow witches, to a special update episode… Join us as we both chat candidly about our Witches Being Witches journeys, delving into the evolution of the podcast, our conversations & friendship, and our personal and joint visions for the future. Plus, we offer our heartfelt thanks… Continue reading Witches’ Sabbatical | Update Episode
  • 50. Crafting Stress Resilience
    Crafting Stress Resilience We all know that stress isn’t great for our health and that stress management is crucial. However, crafting and building resilience to stress might be even more important… In this episode, Em talks about how to support and train the nervous system, build more solid foundations, and help better bounce back from… Continue reading 50. Crafting Stress Resilience
  • 49. Angel Guidance with Isabelle von Fallois
    Angel Guidance In this episode, Isabelle von Fallois joins us to discuss angel guidance; the importance of faith and self-belief, and accessing the advice and support of our angels. Isabelle is an angel therapy practitioner, mystic, medium, pianist, best-selling author, and the founder of ANGEL LIFE COACH + ANGEL HEALING Training. It is Isabelle’s great desire… Continue reading 49. Angel Guidance with Isabelle von Fallois
  • 48. Pluto & Soul Evolution
    Pluto & Soul Evolution Traditional Vedic Astrology typically doesn’t look at the influence and role of Pluto on our soul evolution, as the planet wasn’t technically discovered until the 1930s. However, understanding the placements of Pluto in our Vedic (or Sidereal) astrology charts enables an insight into some of our karmic lessons, and therefore the… Continue reading 48. Pluto & Soul Evolution

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